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Warm congratulations on the popular science and technology, the new three board listing application successfully approved

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Hunger breeds discontentment, eating with farming for days!

Chinese five thousand years of farming history, has experienced slash-and-burn cultivation, traditional agriculture and agricultural industrialization development stage three. Along with the progress of modern agricultural science and technology, a new era of low carbon environmental protection has come. Low carbon, which means environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, means the transformation of production, life style and value concept, but also means the transformation of traditional agricultural fertilization. China's agriculture is undergoing a new revolution, an efficient, low-carbon, healthy, environmentally friendly new agriculture is being born......
In agricultural reform in the surging, Guangdong popular agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd., after 10 years of silently, finally to the identity of the low carbon environment-friendly agricultural leader, went to the forefront of the industry. Guangdong agricultural popular science and Technology Co., Ltd., since its creation in 2002 the company, adhering to the low carbon, high yield, do the price of agricultural products manufacturer enterprise life history, based on resource recycling industry as the starting point of environmental protection of the agricultural industrial chain, high.
From the beginning of 2003, popular science and technology has taken the lead in developing and launched six soil conditioner production standards, to fill the domestic technology and standard blank, set a precedent in the Chinese soil conditioner production standards. As the first environmental protection high-tech enterprises in China, the popular science and technology has become the largest recycling agricultural enterprises in China.
The technology of Volkswagen has four "field Master, Volkswagen," brand, "sulfur nitrate radical, soil conditioner, bio organic fertilizer" eight series of products: "farmland master compound fertilizer, high tower compound fertilizer, clickthings to compound fertilizer, rejoice and compound fertilizer, calcium magnesium phosphate, calcium magnesium fertilizer" more than 100 best-selling varieties. " The 900 million farmers are trained to become experts in agriculture is a gorgeous dream, sent the most cost-effective high-tech agricultural products to farmers is the practical action. Relying on three production base, annual production capacity of 80 million tons, popular science and technology always adhere to the help farmers Hing home, help customers establish a career marketing idea, the implementation of brand strategy layout of the national market. Company marketing network has been expanded from Guangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hainan, Hubei, Shandong and other provinces, field Master won the Guangdong province famous trademarks, Guangdong province famous brand products, china". For the agricultural industry unique and profound understanding, popular science and technology always adhere to innovation, service, integrity, win-win business philosophy. Through ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, to obtain the title of Guangdong Province innovative pilot enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, Dongguan Province, Guangdong province science and technology progress award, Guangdong province high tech product certification, three national circular economy certification, the national level a green food production information, national organic food certification, national key new product information. And in 2011, the completion of the joint-stock reform, the creation of Guangdong Volkswagen agricultural Polytron Technologies Inc, the new three board listing. Step by step, step by step, breaking the high energy consumption and low utilization rate of the traditional chemical fertilizer siege, out of a Chinese characteristics with the green agricultural road.
In 2003, Guangdong Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Soil Research Institute jointly established the "study of agricultural renewable resources".
In 2004, Dongguan city high tech enterprises in the application of major projects. Using industrial waste harmless treatment technology and comprehensive application of soil conditioner.
Guangdong province in 2005 to undertake the social development projects, urban sewage sludge harmless treatment and agricultural resource application and research.
In 2006, Guangdong Province undertake social development projects, and develop an annual output of 200000 tons of "tianshifu" soil conditioner.
2007 National Spark Program project, with an annual output of 150000 tons of acidic soil improvement should be developed.
Key areas of key projects undertaken in 2008 in Hong Kong, papermaking sludge harmless technology and bio organic fertilizer.
In 2009 to take the province of major projects, desulfurization ash and potassium ore compound fertilizer demonstration projects, including the application of quality control waste residue was awarded the sixteenth national invention award.
Guangdong province in 2010 to undertake the ten major agricultural projects, investment 160000000 yuan construction and ecological flower market and new farmers' science and Technology Innovation Park, low-carbon leisure agriculture and one of the economic and Agricultural Eco Park project.
In 2011, assume the national Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of finance agricultural science and technology transformation project funds "organic - inorganic soil conditioner (calcium magnesium fertilizer) industrialization and popularization and application.
In 2012, with the domestic and foreign well-known experts and research institutions joint investment to build public agricultural biomass coke resources comprehensive utilization Institute ", create fertilizer enterprises self built public R & D platform industry precedent.
In 2013, the key technology research and demonstration of the key technology research and industry in Guangdong Province, which is the key to the development of industrial and agricultural wastes".
In the same year, the introduction of the international leading research team project, research and development and industrialization of new biomass carbon soil conditioner".
Over the same period, the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of small and medium enterprises identified "renewable resources and soil improvement and innovation of agricultural industrialization base" for small and medium enterprises in Guangdong Province, a small and medium enterprise innovation demonstration base.
2014, "renewable resources, agricultural and soil improvement projects and technology research and development center" through the Dongguan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau expert on-site assessment.
Represent the general trend, enjoy popular confidence. Agriculture is the foundation of our country agriculture, science and technology is the way. Popular science and technology will join global supplier of high quality and national brand agents, to continue for organic food, green food, no pollution food plant, to provide the most price of agricultural products, with practical action to protect from farm to table food safety and health, together to achieve resource recycling sustainable, organic green pollution-free better vision.

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