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'mass' new, perfect sharp change - namely,' Guangdong Volkswagen 'high tower upgrade and transformation of the completion of production

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Guangdong popular agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong popular 'tower upgrade project, after more than 60 days of the day and night construction, on September 15, smooth operation. Guangdong Volkswagen 'compound fertilizer tower equipment was built in 2006, as the first one of the Guangdong Province, the earliest built and put into production of compound fertilizer tower production equipment, has gone through nearly ten years of wind and rain. The compound fertilizer tower production equipment of 'Guangdong Volkswagen' has produced a large number of high quality compound fertilizer products since the completion of the building, which contributes to the agricultural production of the majority of farmers and their agricultural production, and has achieved good economic and social benefits. With the development of modern agriculture and market competition intensifies, has entered the twilight years of the old equipment has been unable to meet the to the needs of the development of the market, especially in terms of the production of new type of fertilizer, and cost control become stretched. In order to give the majority of farmers to provide more high-quality, efficient compound fertilizer products; 'Guangdong Volkswagen' at all levels of government departments in support of the successful completion of the compound fertilizer tower upgrade. Complete the "science and technology advance, low carbon high -- do the most cost-effective agricultural products manufacturer" perfect metamorphosis.

At present, the chemical fertilizer industry is faced with many problems such as overcapacity, product homogeneity, high resource consumption, environmental management and so on. Production equipment and technology upgrading, product quality upgrading is the fundamental guarantee for the fertilizer enterprises themselves to become bigger and stronger. 'Guangdong Volkswagen' in the implementation of new product development and technological innovation process, and actively promote the low carbon operation, to reduce raw material consumption, reduce emissions of sustainable development goals. Accelerate technological innovation, improve product structure, and do a good job in basic research, breaking the traditional chemical fertilizer siege of high energy consumption and low utilization rate, so as to improve the utilization of chemical fertilizer, so that farmers put less fertilizer costs, to help farmers continue to increase income.
This' Guangdong Volkswagen 'compound fertilizer tower production equipment to complete the technological upgrading, not only in the production capacity has been improved, but in the product quality has been improved; for the next new material, new technology, new formulations of product development laid a solid foundation. 'Guangdong masses' in the next competition in the fertilizer market is played the strongest voice.

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