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The public agricultural people -- sense of "popular science and technology three version of the new listing application successfully approved" on the occasion

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The sun climbed over the horizon from the end of the mountain

Warm our beautiful and fertile soil
The soil is brewing the hope of the farmers
Spewed tender fragrance
A figure has already set sail
Deep into the countryside, push technology to the countryside
That is our public agricultural people figure
That is our farmer friend, the most true and honest model
Our lovely mass agricultural people
Since you have chosen and the earth company
You have used in the hard busy out late.
Although the summer sun over your back
Although the rice leaf cut off your face
But, you always threw a lit Xinxiang column in that piece of fertile land
You will always find their way back into the green ocean
In spring, you help the farmer brothers sowing of hope
In summer, you are busy with the guidance of fruit.
In autumn, you let the fruit hung on the branches
In the winter, you take the policy to promote
How many years, are you with blood and sweat farmers hold rich dream
Set sail before sunrise
Watch in the setting sun
Return in the evening
You never mind how many times your figure has been reduced and stretched
High heels were pinned to your girl's dream
Luxury cars have been yearning when you are young
Our lovely mass agricultural people
Since you have chosen and the earth company
You are used to put these beautiful in the bottom of my heart
The moon from the northwest Cove climb
With us this beautiful, rich place.
The bright moonlight, the more the night rendering
Everyone in the lamps and candles of a myriad families and relatives softly whisper
That night
Your plan is to let farmers improved soil acidity
That night
You think about how to get our farmers to increase their income.
That night
You dream of a friend of the farmers harvest more brilliant
Our lovely mass agricultural people
Since you have chosen and the earth company
You will be in a timely manner in the most needed areas of the farmers
You are always very friendly with their hands and ask people whether they feel hot
You can always be able to unlock the hearts of the farmers
It's you that smooth out the sadness in their hearts.
Let the eyes of the lost, looking forward to see the dawn
And the hope of getting rich.
Whether farmers can get their hopes
That's the biggest wish of your life.
Mass technology tower upgrade and transformation
New version of the three version of the successful approval of the listing
At this time, your shoulders carry more weight
Your career and back pack
More go15
Day after day, year after year, with the growth of the land
Enjoy the music of the waves and the harvest.
"Lovely public agricultural people" which is a soulful cries
Whether in your broad chest
One's blood boils with indignation. agitation
Is that your hearts filled with lofty sentiments
New starting point, new dream
We have a deep feeling of blessing here.
Wish you Triumphant news.
Bless you once again to open a gorgeous chapter
A wheel harvest louder blessing
Bless our future more brilliant, brilliant!

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