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The beginning of our happiness (National Day)

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On the occasion of the National Day holiday, popular science and technology the new version of the three listing application successfully approved and towers to upgrade its production on the occasion, Guangdong popular technology wishes the prosperity of our great motherland, the people's well-being! To all customers, partners and staff extend festive greetings; to have been, care, support popular science and technology development of friends expressed sincere thanks and best wishes! I wish you happy holidays, good health, family happiness, good luck in everything!

[the beginning of our happiness].
The beginning of our happiness,
Our sacred festival,
Great national day is coming.
We will lay a layer of gold in the field,
With the harvest, with egg grain to meet.
We want to sew a dress for the mountains,
With thousands of cotton, all the tea to meet.
Rose, rose, rose to the height of the highly anticipated.
Although there is no tempestuous waves, but there is a momentum topple the mountains and overturn the seas in the ups and downs, there is a force in the agitation of an irresistible force.
Come up, everything is in this high!
How bright the height, dignity from here only to lead the Chinese talent, the sun in the bright......
What a strong cohesion and confidence from the five pointed star of light with the scenery, everything in the passion grow increasingly confident get stronger...
What a heroic feelings and look forward to from the romance in a better bred, descendants of the dragon in the stands watch and look forward to an increasingly tough up......
Come up, come up, raise the eyes of the world.
This flag yo, were fluttering at half a century of brilliant, showing the cgim!
In the face of the national flag, mountains, stand up, water, live up to the sky, wide up!
In the face of the national flag, each life is solemn and sacred, extending along the way along the national flag.
Flying flag, you are my day and night to sleep......
This is true.
She accommodates the divine land 100% music, her every syllable condensing the backbone of oriental nations. Each of her a note to breed roaring strength, every one of her temperament erupted in the strongest voice of the eastern lion!
Yes, when the national to the most critical to song sing this strength and confidence; whenever the five-star red flag rising to played this solemn and holy song; whenever I get victory and harvest, always from the song of the heart chant of the magnificence and pride......
Along this song we ride the tide, the pursuit of the boat, sailing towards the other side of the ideal.
Every one of us has a golden dream.
As long as the immortal song, we always linked hands to pick, hanging in the beautiful place gold age!
Again sing this immortal song.
Half of the power to march forward courageously be a trend which cannot be halted half of what we have in common, eyes.
The horizon of the distance is the starting point of the road, where it will meet with us!
Sometimes you don't need to sing, listen carefully.
Yes, I hear the ears of corn in the gear in.
This is a group of red light ringing and a tower of civilization.
Civilization is bathed in the light and civilization.
I know the earth true and reliable, I know the hard steel and backbone.
This soil, the iron and steel finally with her sincerity and hardness to prop up the backbone of a great nation!
In the light we wield scythe, harvest the fragrance for thousands of years; in civilization, we start the gear extending journey for thousands of years.
The nation's yearning to concentrate, the national dignity of the sublimation, concentration to the simple, sublimation to the natural!
This is the immortal blend of heads and gear.

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