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'tianshifu' and national model year around

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The creek is located in the town of Zhang, Pinghe County, the county is all. Here all year round, such as spring, pleasant climate, fertile land, abundant rainfall. The rich, rich in rare fruit pomelo. As early as more than 400 years ago, was classified as a tribute to the imperial court, towards a new emperor Tongzhi bestow "in the West Garden in mind the letter" seal a medal and Qinglong's side, as a tribute to mark and ban. In 1857, Shi Hongbao in the Min miscellaneous notes, "wrote" Fujian various fruit, lychees, for beauty, tangerine and celebrities as well. Of peace throw (grapefruit), knight, fragrance must win ". According to the latest official statistics, in 2015 the local pomelo planting area of 650000 acres, the annual output will reach 1250000 tons.

As the saying goes: "one side of the water raise a party", in this beautiful and fertile land here is not only rich in famous Ya ear "guanxi honey pomelo", but also created many pomelo cultivates hotshot. Today we talk about the cultivation of experts, is not only a fruit farmers senior technicians and a outstanding national model worker, he is Xiao Xi Zhen Lian Xing Cun Huang Jisheng -- we are accustomed to honored Secretary Huang.
In 1982, Pinghe county government began to encourage the masses to vigorously growing pomelo, was less than 30 years old secretary Huang lead the contracted the orchard from the pomelo. Childhood love pondering fruit planting technology, have the opportunity to show their talents. Through years of theoretical basis and long-term practice pragmatic, with rich fruit tree planting experience Secretary Huang, a grapefruit can be described as handy, become ten grandly Ba Cun "pomelo experts". So constantly with villagers ask him to help guide to weather conditions, small to crop planting survival rate, and to help the villagers, party secretary Huang is almost responsive. It is with this spirit of the rich not forget folks, unanimously elected by the villagers, the village Party secretary.
Today, the Secretary Huang has over sixty years, the outgoing secretary. In spite of the unemployed in the home, but for pomelo cultivated never put, in love most growers in pursuit of quantity and Secretary Huang more firmly believe that only the product differentiation, is the kingly way. Coincides with this point of view can be described as and Guangdong popular agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "popular science"), popular science and technology 'field Master' soil conditioner is based on the improvement of crop quality, change the soil acidification and highly respected farmers. This allows us to see the dawn of cooperation.
Early, by understanding and agricultural researchers measured soil data analysis that the old secretary this piece in Lianxing village mountain pomelo forest, planting area of 12.5 acres, 50 strains of per mu, 625 lines, 2014 the number of fruiting 44000 fruit, 245 pounds. Fruit pale yellow, thin skin; the flesh is soft, juicy slag, sweet and sour moderate. The content of 100ml was detected by 11.6g, 9.17 -, 0.73 - 1.0g, vitamin C 48.93 - 51.98mg, soluble solids 10.7 - 11.6g. Edible part 68% or so. The soil PH was between 5.4 and 4.8. See that a group of data, visible old secretary of pomelo orchard in by the '' to 'quality' in the transformation, but to reach the old secretary of pomelo "product differentiation" still needs to be improved. Based on the old secretary of our trust, based on its confidence in the governance of tianshifu acidic soil. Therefore, we and the old secretary to the a one year contract, together to complete the old secretary of the pomelo orchard expectations.
Old secretary of the pomelo orchard mountain, red soil, after testing analysis, soil acidity, organic matter content and low, lack of effective nutrient, poor structure, cultivation of shallow, soil and water conservation insurance fertilizer, is not conducive to the growth of the root of pomelo trees. Based on this, we propose govern hill soil for soil improvement programs and to develop a deeper density uniform strong root, so as to improve the soil fertility, improve soil structure, accelerate the ripening in deep soil and further control soil and water loss is the main target.
4.8 - 5.4 PH in pomelo orchard, soil acidification is serious, has affected the grapefruit tree root growth. Old secretary use lime applicator and long-term excessive application, has caused soil trace elements decreased effectiveness, and kills beneficial activity. At the same time, the increase of soil pH jump caused by the loss of soil calcium and magnesium, and reduce the absorption of potassium and phosphorus in crops, and destroyed the soil structure. Grapefruit tree thick leaves large, big fruit, long fruiting time, growth, nutrient needs to is in the citrus family "Dashi households." Plant production potential, but also a large amount of fruit per plant, if the lack of nutrient supply, there will be poor root, leaf yellow, leaves, fruit drop phenomenon, affecting the yield and quality. Therefore, rational fertilization can achieve the purpose of rapid growth, high yield, stable yield and high quality.
'master chef Tian' soil conditioner is a acidic soil improvement agent, is a model of trace elements in functional fertilizer, its product with a conditioning soil acidification, solves the problem of soil compaction, to restore the vitality of the soil, increase the utilization rate of fertilizer; to supplement crop required a large number of elements of phosphorus and calcium, magnesium and other trace elements, to reduce the flower and fruit drop, reduce cracking or early leaves increase crop yield, improve fruit quality; solve continuous cropping obstacle, utilization of a virtuous cycle of land; passivation in soil heavy metals, as well as the residual pesticides in the soil, improve safety of agricultural products.
After comparing the data that compared to last year, the soil pH 5.8~6.3, improve the 1~1.3, dark green leaves, leaf length 22-25cm, leaf width 12-13cm. Fruit large thin skin, rich juice sweet flesh, taste fresh, small seeds several gaps, color crystal jade. The content of sugar in each 100ml fruit juice was as high as 12.5 13g, the acidity of the fruit was 0.12 54.08mg, and the vitamin C 50.23 -. The number of fruiting pomelo orchard 34000, representing a decrease of 10000, but the fruit weight increased by 0.65 kg, the total weight and hold flat last year. Retail price is also a 2.7 yuan / kg, but there is no need to set bag, without picking, quite to catty is compared to the others more 3 cents profit, and in short supply.
To our relief, this transcript although the number of fruiting fell, but soil fertility, single fruit weight and fruit fleshy, containing sugar, acidity and vitamin and so on several aspects have been improved. Facts have proved that Shi 'field Master' soil conditioner can really do to improve soil fertility, amelioration of acid soil and improve crop quality.

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