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'tianshifu' soil conditioner Jiaoyuan guards

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Nanning Tanluo town "XiXiangTang District, China banana township".

Banana harvest season, banana fields full of a bow mast banana, the endless forest tracts of banana, each plant has two or three meters high, very lush foliage, a comb the huge banana banana tree pressure straight bend down, heavy ground hangs full branch, banana banana farmers are cut under loading, a row of long be loaded vehicles make other banana farmers envy.
By "Wimason" influence, Guangxi and other major producing areas of the main impact of the larger, production of about 30%. Banana farmers brother Yang Liushun contracted 50 acres of banana, yields also declined, but with little loss. "The banana growing well, according to each line half a catty, calculation of 165 mu planting density, the yield per mu reached 8000 pounds", according to the current purchase price, the income per mu nearly 3 million pieces of money. Looking at the front of a harvest scene, young brother told us that be filled with a thousand regrets, the secret of your heart.
Remember at that time, Guangdong popular agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Guangdong 'popular agricultural') in the Guangxi region but the manager to find the banana plantation, first sentence is "eldest brother, you are the bananas grow so that there is little anxious ah!" immediately pull a long face, don't talk about the two, to have something to send. Didn't think about two days again, after several contacts, but manager although it is a girl, but individuality frank, enthusiastic, so the status of banana and she chat up.
Through the narrative to brother Yang on banana planting there are some errors, too much emphasis on fertilization and ignore the soil nutrient. After the test, the soil of banana garden pH value of 4.5, acidic soil, serious water after the rain, drought hardening is serious. It is obvious that the soil physical properties are poor. In addition, the soil is acidic, the microbial activity is weak, soil nutrient is missing, and the field management is also in the presence of water retention and drainage. In view of the above situation, but the manager opened up a "health checklist for Yang brother banana garden".
"Bananas have a high yield, and the soil is very important". Why do we say, is the manager to our cause. "There is a banana root, root system, root. Tender, aerobic, waterlogging, drought resistant, no fertilizer, mostly in soil, root formation level. Banana in the soil depth, soil loose, drainage well, the growth of the soil, in poor physical properties, often due to poor soil permeability, not absorbed, this soil, even if it can grow, banana production is not high. With acidic soil, microbial activity is weak, soil nutrient loss, resulting in plant growth slow, slim and fragile, and the late period. This is why the young brother of banana production is low and unstable.
As we all know, banana like hot and humid climate, the amount of growth, in addition to the need for adequate fertilizer, also need to adequate oxygen supply to the root respiration and absorption. The physical character of soil is not good, even if the water supply is adequate, it is difficult to promote the normal growth of banana. The soil pH value 4.5 ~ 7.5 bananas are suitable, but 6.5 to 7 is the best, soil nutrient availability is the best. If the nutrient element phosphorus in the soil of 6 ~ 7 pH is the highest, and the pH value is greater than 7.5 or less than 4.5. Soil partial acid is easy to cause the shortage of potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other elements, while the strong alkaline soil is easy to cause iron, boron, copper, manganese and zinc shortage. Soil pH is through effects on microbial activity and effects on plant growth, such as pH below 5.5 soil, Banana Fusarium reproduction quickly and wilting disease is easy to violate. Therefore, before planting digging deep application Shi Mu 200 pounds' field Master 'soil conditioner as base fertilizer, depth 30 ~ 50 cm, and bleached weathering the old banana leaf and stem of banana, banana head cut in pieces by the sword, and will be the buried beneath the soil, to improve soil aggregate structure, increasing soil permeability and porosity. Is conducive to the air and water penetration, to improve the growth and development of banana root and improve the utilization of nutrients. Fertilizer use thin fertilizer to be applied frequently, dry application prohibited rain Qimian, reduce labor border walk stampede (injury root root cutting, bananas are prone to fertilizer harm). Growth period: n: P: k = 2:0.5:1 thin fertilizer to be applied frequently, 7-10 days time, watering is appropriate.; drawing earing stage: n: P: k = 1:0.5:2.5, the installment is replicating; bud extraction: n: P: k = 1:1:1, 25 days Shi once, 10-20 pounds heavy 'field master' soil conditioner per mu, covering the border and hilling and enhanced cold frost resistant ability, promote fruit refers to food for many larger.
When it comes to this "bill of health", Guangdong 'popular agricultural' but manager said: banana is like potassium crops, especially in drawing earing stage need plenty of potassium supplement nutrient. Although the soil contains a large amount of phosphorus and potassium minerals, but the pH value is too low, the soil acidification, resulting in the banana was not absorbed. 'master chef Tian' soil conditioner, conditioning soil acidification, solves the problem of soil compaction, improve soil permeability, promote microbial activity, to restore the vitality of the soil, to solve continuous cropping obstacle, enhance the resilience of crop disease resistance, cold resistance, drought resistance and so on. Supplement calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other large and medium and trace elements, will be full of soil potassium feldspar, phosphate minerals decomposition for available phosphorus and potassium for banana absorption, promote root growth, reduce flower drop, to reduce cracking or yellow leaves in advance and promote the healthy growth of plants.

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