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'tianshifu' soil conditioner, solve the problem of soil power, safety, green agriculture

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At present, in agricultural production, soil facing shortage of soil organic matter, soil compaction, heavy metal contamination of soil and pesticide pollution, soil acidification and salinization various farming disorder, a serious impediment to agricultural sustainable development and food security. In view of the problem, the scientific and effective comprehensive treatment, the restoration of soil ecosystem, and then to restore the agricultural ecosystem, has become one of the important issues in agricultural production.

At present functional fertilizer emerge in endlessly, makes every effort from solving the fertilizer utilization rate is low, prolong fertilizer effective, easy to absorb and achieved a breakthrough, from the point of view of the market reaction, farmers suffer from too many varieties, do not know to buy what kind of fertilizer is really good fertilizer, for new products also tend to the effect hold different degree of suspicion. From the point of view of plant nutrient absorption, soil nutrient supply to crops is 80%-90%, and it is only concerned with the continuous optimization of the fertilizer itself and neglect the problem of soil in the nutrition support itself.
Let us set out from the soil, to solve the problem of soil, and then talk about the problem of fertilizer, this is the real logical thinking. At present, there are some problems in the soil in China:
The destruction of soil aggregate structure. Soil aggregate structure usually refers to the soil near spherical small aggregates, the particle size of 0.25 ~ 10 mm, aggregate structure of agricultural production on the ideal particle size of 2 ~ 3 mm. There in the aggregate structure of high organic content, fertile soil. Soil aggregate structure is the basic structure of the various functions of the soil.
Lack of soil organic matter. With successive years of cultivation, and the application of organic fertilizer, the contents of soil organic matter in most of the regions of the whole country have been reduced, and the soil base fertility has declined year by year. Current domestic soil organic matter content 50-80ppm, far lower than the international standard 350-450ppm fertile soil index.
Soil microbial problems. Soil microbes have great influence on the formation of soil properties, soil fertility and crop growth. If the lack of soil microorganisms, especially the lack of beneficial microorganisms, will have an immeasurable impact on the agricultural ecological environment, especially agricultural production.
Soil acidification. Soil acidification refers to soil leaching and ion is increased, the hydrogen ion acidity increasing process. Simply process is the radical ion in soil increased. Soil salinization is refers to the bottom of the soil or groundwater salt with the capillary water rise to the surface, water evaporation, the salt accumulation in the surface soil. Refers to the soluble salt accumulation on the soil surface phenomenon or process, also known as salt alkalization.
Increase in soil diseases and insect pests. The deterioration of soil environment is the main reason for the increase of soil diseases and insect pests.
Soil heavy metal pollution. The heavy metal pollution in soil is the result of human activities, causing the heavy metal content in the soil was significantly higher than the national standard, resulting in the deterioration of the ecological environment system. The heavy metals in soil caused by soil pollution mainly include Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, As, Hg, Mn, Ni, Pb, Zn, etc..
If the above problems are not well resolved, the use of fertilizer and other aspects of the increase is only empty talk, and the current annual fertilizer application amount of more than 41000000 tons. Although the application of chemical fertilizer is an important measure of agricultural production, but long-term heavy use of nitrogen, phosphorus and other chemical fertilizers, will destroy soil structure, caused by acidification of soil compaction, soil degradation, agrarian layer becomes shallow, ploughing variation, decreased ability to protect water and fertilizer, increase the cost of agricultural production, the impact of the crop yield and quality.
The problem of soil is a systemic problem, soil aggregate structure, soil organic matter, soil organisms form soil foundation, the three is an interaction, interaction system, aggregate structure of the soil organic matter to provide space, provide venues for soil organisms, there is no organic aggregate structure at the same time, the quality of microbial abundance, organic matter and microorganisms also affect travel and maintain the aggregate structure, no organic matter and microbial abundance, aggregate structure is difficult to continue; soil organic matter must be transformed to soil microbial and plant absorption and utilization, no microorganisms, organic matter could be transformed and utilized; survival the source of nutrients, microbial (food) and relying on the organic matter, no organic matter, microbes can not survive and reproduce. At the same time, the efficiency of soil aggregate structure, organic matter and microorganisms living and activity is also affected by acidification and salinization, and heavy metals. Therefore, soil management is not a product, a technology can be solved, it is a comprehensive system solutions, in order to let the soil back to nature.
The problem of soil is more and more serious, but if the soil is not very good, it can not be effectively absorbed by crops.
Tianshifu 'soil conditioner is a kind of acidic soil improvement agent, is a kind of novel functional fertilizer of trace elements. With the regulation of soil acidification, improve the pH value of soil, improve soil physical properties, air permeability, soil compaction, soil solution recovery activity, improve fertilizer utilization efficiency; trace elements supplement crops need calcium, magnesium and other energy, promote root growth, reduce flower drop, reduce fruit cracking or early leaves, improve crop the yield and quality of agricultural products; to solve continuous cropping obstacles, the benign circulation of land use, enhance crop resistance, cold resistance, drought resistance ability; passivation of heavy metals in soil, and the pesticide residue in the soil, reduce toxic soil barrier aluminum, manganese, iron and so on crops, and improve the safety of agricultural products to reduce environmental pollution;
Guangdong agricultural popular science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Guangdong 'popular agricultural') as the first pay attention to the safety of the soil, advocate healthy fertilization pioneer. The company started in 2003 with the Guangdong Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of soil science, jointly established the "regeneration of agricultural resources". The same year, cooperation in scientific research -- soil conditioner

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