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The thick orange tianshifu 'Nostalgia' Paul harvest

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Orange, because of its taste as sweet as sugar named.

Early summer season, all things flourish. Sihui City under Mao Zhen Nan Tang Cun large concave slope, 700 acres of sugar with a citrus, lush foliage. At this point, the sugar tree have been Guaguo, trees everywhere is patches of green tangerine seed, although now a small, but each one solid full, the morning dew attached in the above crystal clear. We arrived early in the morning to the orchard, fruit grower Qiu Qiuhua couple have been erased orange summer shoot to promote its early, mature. 'master chef Tian' acidic soil improvement demonstration plots brand eye-catching erected at the edge of the Orchard Road, like a loyal guard, watch this piece of harvest orchard.
Like the acid soil improvement demonstration in Sihui, the 'origin' of orange, and it is. The reason, but also from the start of the year. Earlier this year, where there is many farmers in exclamation, "with a piece of land, as management of water and fertilizer, fertilizer no less application but crop yield and quality did not a corresponding increase, instead of decrease, and some do not even the individual trees and the phenomenon of dead." In view of this situation, Guangdong popular agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Guangdong Public 'agriculture') combined with local soil actual situation and local agricultural sector, regional distributors tripartite jointly launched citrus crops "acidic soil public governance in action" activity.
Citrus Shatangju fruit growth, blossom and temperature, sunshine, moisture content (humidity), soil and other environmental conditions are closely related. Citrus Root growth require a higher oxygen content, with loose soil texture, good structure, organic matter content of 2% ~ 3%, good drainage, pH 5.5 ~ 6.5 soil is the most suitable. But due to the planting structure of single, large use of fertilizer and cause soil compaction, acidification, microbial activity force difference, the lack of soil aggregate structure inversion of soil lack of vitality, crop nutrient provision insufficiency, low yields, mixed fruit, fruit quality. Guangdong 'popular agricultural' through soil testing and fertilizer field experiments as the foundation, according to the laws of crop fertilizer, soil nutrient properties and fertilizer effect, in rational application of fertilizer, application of 'master chef Tian' soil conditioner, improve soil pH value, proposed the comprehensive management of soil acidification.
First, soil testing. Soil testing is the fundamental way to orchard optimum fertilization, fertilizing period and fertilizing method of is also screening and verification of soil nutrient test technology, the establishment of fertilization index system the basic link. Through soil testing, master various fertilizer unit optimization of different crop fertilization, base and topdressing proportion, fertilization time and method; find out the soil nutrient correction coefficient, soil nutrient supplying quantity, citrus Shatangju parameters of fertilizer and fertilizer utilization rate of basic parameters; construction of crop fertilization model, provide the basis for the regionalized fertilization and fertilizer formula.
Two, soil testing. Soil testing is the formulation of citrus Shatangju fertilizer formula, one of the important basis and for planting structure single, long-term application of large organic fertilizer and soil nutrient occurred obvious change. By carrying out the pH value of soil, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements, nutrient testing, understanding soil fertility status.
Three, formulation design. The formula design of fertilizer is the core of the soil testing and formula fertilization. Through Shatangju test crop, soil nutrient data, dividing different regional regionalized fertilization; at the same time, according to the climate, landform, soil and cropping system similar and difference, put forward different regional crop fertilization.
Four, calibration test. In order to ensure the accuracy of the formula fertilizer, our in each fertilization partition unit set of formula fertilization and farmer conventional fertilization, fertilization blank 3 treatment T1\T2\T3, citrus Shatangju as the object of study, contrast formula fertilization increased yield and check fertilization parameters, verify and improve fertilizer formula, improving the measurement technology of formula fertilization by soil parameters.
Five, demonstration and promotion. To promote the technology of formula fertilization by soil survey can be implemented to the orchard, it is necessary to solve the measurement problem of the technology of formula fertilization by soil market-oriented operation, but also let farmers see actual effect. Through the establishment of measurement formula fertilization by soil demonstration zone, orange farmers to create a window, setting an example, a comprehensive display of measuring technology of formula fertilization by soil effect.
Six, publicity and training. Orange farmers is to measure the end-users of formula fertilization by soil, they urgently need scientific fertilization methods and models; the company by strengthening local agricultural workers, dealers agrochemical service personnel, orange farmers of the cascade system training, in order to achieve the effect of propaganda and training.
Seven, effect evaluation. Orange is the fertilization technology eventually implements, is also the ultimate beneficiaries. Our the testing phase of the actual effect of formula fertilization by soil testing, and timely access to orange farmers feedback information, and constantly improve the management, technology and service system. At the same time, the regional dynamic survey, data classification, for the measurement of soil formula fertilization to do scientific evaluation.

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