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Yuan Longping "super rice" 1026.7 kilograms per mu

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October 10th, the Ministry of Agriculture held a news conference, the Ministry of agriculture science and technology education secretary Tang Ke introduced the agricultural science and technology innovation, and answer questions from reporters.

Tang Ke said that this morning, the Ministry of agriculture experts headed by Academician Yuan Longping, the fourth China Super Rice Yield of 1000 kg research project of testing. Measurement results show, Xupu County in Hunan Province first super rice Mu Fang (i.e. a hectares) per mu more than a 1000 kg, has created a new record in 1026.7 kg.
This is a large number of agricultural scientific and technological workers led by academician Yuan Longping joint efforts and the results of long-term struggle, but also to make a great contribution to agricultural science and technology.
Noun interpretation: [super rice]
Super rice in a broad sense, is in each of the major characters such as yield, grain quality and resistance were significantly better than existing varieties (combination); in a narrow sense, refers to in resistance and grain quality and control varieties (combinations) is similar to the foundation, the yield greatly improved new varieties (combinations). General super rice refers to the concept of a narrow sense, that is super high yield rice.
On the afternoon of September 19, 2011, the father of hybrid rice Yuan Longping guidance of super rice in the third period goal yield 900 kg yield research success, the longhui County acres of experimental Tianmu production reached 926.6 kg.
On April 26, 2013 in China Meteorological Bureau held "response to climate change in China entered the Hunan" activities at the scene, Yuan told CCTV said in an interview, in our country the fourth stage of super hybrid rice research may advance to within three years to complete, will breed with per mu yield of 1000 kg yield of super hybrid rice new varieties.
Super rice program called rice super high yield breeding program, the first by the Japanese in 1980, and then become the domestic and foreign agricultural experts have long dream, trying to overcome the problem of the world.
Yuan Longping, academician of the Chinese Super Rice program started in 1996, after experiencing ups and downs, the plan in 1997 to restart.
The domestic breeding experts are widely discussed to determine the Chinese Super Rice Breeding one or two, three goals. First breeding objectives for 2000 mu produce achieve 700 kg; the second phase of the breeding objectives for 2005 yield reached 800 kg; the third phase of the breeding objectives for 2010 yield reached 900 kg (season 900 kilograms per mu yield, 650 kilograms per mu yield of early rice, late rice yield 700 kg).

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